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all of us went in the water at the same time. it was pitch black. we treaded water until it was light. and just tried to stay afloat tried to stay alive. >> reporter: the will to survive is indeed what kept them alive. the mexican investigators and the mexican navy are refuting much of these claims. they say the boat's captain did everything he could to keep his passengers alive. now, two of the men are returning home and will be here in san jose. we are expecting the bus to come in about 6:20. we'll bring you the latest as soon as they arrive. anne? >> thank you, anser hassan in san jose. two people are dead after a small plane crashed into a hospital in watsonville. that crash happened at about 7:30 yesterday evening at the office at watsonville community hospital. federal investigators say the single-engine plane was registered in santa cruz. this is amateur video, right after the plane went down. it happened after take-off from
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watsonville community airport. both people on the plane were killed. but no one on the ground was injured. >> plane crashed and then everybody started texting everybody on facebook. >> it's kind of scary. everybody's just in shock to kind of find out this news. and i don't know what's going to happen after this. >> although the plane burst into flames no evacuations at the hospital were necessary. that part of the hospital is administrative offices but no patient rooms. the cause is under investigation. still no word from nasa on whether the final shuttle launch is going to actually happen on time this morning. stormy weather in florida is threatening to postpone the historic event set for 8:26 a.m. our time. joining us now is jack boyd with the nasa ames research center at moffett field where much of the work on the shuttle program has taken place over the decades. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. welcome to ames research center. >> we understand there is a viewing party going on.
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people starting to show up this morning? >> yes. they are starting to show up already and we hope to have a lot of kids here to get excited about the shuttle launch. >> from your experience, do you think this is actually going to happen this morning? weather is obviously a huge factor. what do they look at when they are deciding this? >> the rain clouds and the rain that comes in by there. so they will decide and let us know. we have nothing to do with that decision. >> and now that the shuttle program is drawing to a close, what is going to happen to your research center there? i know a lot of people have been involved in the program over the years. >> we have a lot of other research going on here as well for unmanned missions as well as aeronautical research. >> tell us what kind of work nasa ames has done on the shuttle program over the year over the decades. >> we have done work on testing the shuttle in the wind tunnels and arc jets looking at the heat shield materials to protect it coming in, and
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designing the shuttle. >> for you jack, emotionally, you spent a large part of your life involved in this program. to see it come it a close, bittersweet, i can only imagine? >> a little bit. but we have seen many other programs come and go and we'll get something developed beyond earth orbit i think very soon now. >> all right. you're taking a look right now at live pictures on the shuttle. they are still planning to take off this morning. and what is going to be next now for the research center? >> well, we will do work on unmanned spacecraft as i said, missions to land on mars, mission to asteroids, and we'll go beyond low earth orbit. we'll let the commercial folks take care of low earth orbit. >> a lot of talk about sending people up there on vacation? >> i think that's fun. i'm ready to go anytime they will let me. >> jack boyd with nasa ames at moffett field. enjoy your viewing party.
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i hope we have something to view this morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> time now is 4 minutes after 5:00. time for a chick -- a check of traffic and weather. first let's do the weather. kristy, are your words working out for you this morning, i'm sorry, anne, say that one more time. >> just wondering if you're speaking properly. i'm apparently not. >> it's friday, towards the end of the week, i think you're allowed to slow down. things will change a lot over the next several days. this morning, taking a look outside, you can see a little bit of patchy fog along the bay shores and some of the coastline but we should be clear in those inland spots. no hot day around the bay area. temperatures right now pretty mild. 57 for san rafael and vallejo. 58 in concord. warmer in fairfield at 62, also 62 in livermore. high pressure giving us warm
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temperatures. 95 concord, 96 livermore, oakland at 70, 82 redwood city, 84 in san rafael, 85 in santa rosa as a high. cooling down on the weekend and more significant cooling next week. you can see dropping down into the 80s and then only into the mid-70s in our warmest locations so get outside today and enjoy that hot weather. that's a look at the weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks. unfortunately we have big problems developing now in sunnyvale. we're talking about a jackknifed big rig right there approaching the lawrence expressway exit in the southbound lanes of 101. now, three lanes are blocked in the southbound direction. no reports of any injuries with this jackknifed rig or what exactly the truck was carrying but we know that traffic is just squeezing by right now partially in that left lane and the center divide. also the on-ramp, the lawrence expressway on-ramp to southbound 101 is completely blocked.
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280 is the best alternate in the area. not big backups now but if this continues to be out there for a while which it sounds like it could, chp just issued a traffic alert for that stretch, they will just said that they are hoping to get lanes 30 to 40 minutes after the tow crew arrives arrives son scene. we are waiting for word for when the crew arrives and then it could be 40 minutes from then so this is going to be an issue for the start of the morning commute for sure. so 280 a good alternate in the meantime. elsewhere bay bridge not too bad. it's friday light here. no issues heading into san francisco. again we have a photographer heading to the scene of that traffic alert in sunnyvale. so we'll hopefully bring you some live pictures from the scene in just a couple of minutes. anne, back to you. >> all right. thanks, elizabeth. 5:07. an airline patdown is reaching a new level. why one woman is complaining after her hair was searched.
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and for the first time, jaycee lee dugard talking about her story of captivity to the public. what she says helped carry her through all the torture. >> and it's quite the deal. the offer gm is giving to draw in new customers. we'll be right back. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. if your commute goes through sunnyvale major problems developing. a jackknifed big rig blocking three lanes of southbound 101 approaching the lawrence expressway. we have a photographer heading to the scene right now.
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we'll have more on your backups and detours coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. friends and family of missing nursing student michelle le plan search parties next friday and saturday a week from today. today, they are having a fundraiser to pay for their search efforts. it's going to be at the sizzler's restaurant on hesperian in hayward between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. tonight, 20% of proceeds going to the le family if the diners mention the michelle le case. oakland police officers agree to concessions to save the city $65 million and to keep more officers on the force. the police officers union says the vote for the new contract was overwhelming. the deal guarantees there will be no layoffs for at least four years, no furloughs, and 22 laid-off officers will be rehired. despite the con sections the department will still have to -- despite the concessions, the department will be eliminating the motorcycle division tomorrow. a baseball fan in texas is
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dead after trying to catch a ball. in the second inning, the rangers fan shannon stone you see him there, he was trying to catch a foul ball tossed to him by a texas outfielder that was just after a foul ball by oakland's conor jackson. stone leaned over and caught it and then fell over that railing plunging 20 feet onto the concrete below. he died at the hospital from his injuries. >> as an organization and our team members and our staff, we're very heavy hearted about this and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> the player who threw that ball josh hamilton is saying that he is distraught. the time is 5:11. airline complaints take off. what people say most pushes them over the edge when they fly. plus, will and kate just hours from arriving in california. the last-minute preps being
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mailed for their royal visit. and we are clear for take- off here in san francisco. a beautiful day around the bay area. temperatures in the city today should hit a high of 72 mostly sunny skies. now, if you are making your way to houston, different story. high 90s slight chance of seeing some rain and some thunderstorms there and as you continue to make your way to the east, going to see more warm weather at 92 in atlanta. chance of some thunderstorms and some rain there, as well. we'll have a full look at our local forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fishermen who survived the sinking of their boat in the gulf of mexico are expected back in the bay area in the next few hours. in the headlines, two more fishermen who survived the sinking of the boat in the gulf of mexico are expected back in the bay area within the next few hours. four others returned yesterday for a reunion in novato. federal investigators looking into the crash of a small plane that killed two people in watsonville. the plane crashed into a hospital building shortly after take-off yesterday evening. but nobody on the ground was injured. and the countdown continues toward the final launch of nasa's space shuttle program. you're looking at live pictures now. inside the shut. the launch is set for 8:26 this morning but weather conditions in florida are threatening to
5:16 am
postpone it. you can see though they are getting ready to go up. should be another gorgeous day around the bay area today. plenty of sunshine and hot in the inland spots. out the door, clear skies inland. around the bay seeing a little bit of fog and we are seeing some fog at the coast, as well. temperatures sitting in the 50s and 60s right now. by this afternoon 90s inland, the bay low 70s, at the coast 60s. we should see some sun breaks later on. right now that high pressure is holding strong bringing us that warm weather. but things will change starting this weekend and continuing into your workweek. you can see this area of low pressure that's going to drop in. additionally that marine layer is building. that's going to bring cooler weather to our forecast significantly cooler by the time we hit the middle of next week. with you for today, weather looks -- for today, weather looks like this. 84 milpitas.
5:17 am
87 cupertino. 82 redwood city. 80 in union city. in the east bay seeing cooler 70s at the bayshore, 71 alameda, 70 in richmond and berkeley. walnut creek 94 as well as san ramon, 95 antioch as well as pittsburg. north bay, high of 83 in san anselmo, 85 novato, 83 benicia, 68 sausalito. so warm weather today and then big changes in store for your weekend. we start to dip down in temperature for saturday and sunday. and you can see monday and tuesday really starting to drop down in those warmest locations only hitting the low 80s and by wednesday, only hitting the mid- 70s in our warmest spots certainly cool at the bay too as we drop down from the low 70s into the low 60s by midweek and at the coast dropping down from the low 60s into the high 50s. that's a look at weather. over to elizabeth with traffic. >> reporter: traffic alert in sunnyvale. there a jackknifed big rig
5:18 am
blocking three lanes of southbound 101 approaching the lawrence expressway. so traffic is stacking up it looks like in both directions according to our traffic sensors. now, you're able to get by but only in in that -- squeeze -- you're able to get by but only by squeezing by in the left lane. this could be out there for a while. no word on what the truck was hauling. no injuries but unfortunately they are saying 40 minutes once a tow crew arrives and they haven't arrived yet. the lawrence expressway on-ramp to southbound 101 is blocked. chp is out there now. so as far as alternates, considering using 280. also just to get on the freeway northbound fair oaks avenue. you can use that crossover to kasman drive to great america parkway and there to the freeway, back on 101. so we are going to be following this for more of the morning commute. we have a photographer heading to the scene now to hopefully
5:19 am
bring you some live pictures shortly. in the meantime, we'll go outside show you some other areas. milpitas so far looks okay in these westbound lanes of 237. pretty quiet all the way towards san jose. the bay bridge we can call this friday light. no issues all the way into san francisco. lower deck roadwork towards oakland not causing any big issues. other our story fog once again on the golden gate bridge. this has been the story all week long. definitely visibility anish all the way across the deck. if you are heading into marin, mass transit if you want to use it everything remains on time. and to get the latest traffic updates including on that situation in sunnyvale where we have that traffic alert on 101, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. they will have all the latest traffic updates. back to you. >> thank you. airline passengers have a lot to complain about in may. 1,062 complaints were received according to the transportation
5:20 am
department. that is up nearly 21% from april. the majority of complaints were about delays, cancellations and missed connections. general motors is offering some of its customers one year's worth of metlife car insurance free of charge. it's part of a new experiment taking place in just two states oregon and washington. that deal applies to all new buicks, cadillacs, chevrolets and gmcs. after the year passes, gm owners can either renew their policy with metlife or go elsewhere. the automaker hopes this move will boost sales. the offer expires on september 6. and speaking of purchases, the website earnvest has compiled a list of the best buys in july. topping that, you want to stock up on butter. this time year production is up so prices are down. you can actually buy butter in bulk and freeze it for six months. paint is a good buy in july because it's so hot in a lot of
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areas that people aren't painting. and new suits? july is the time to buy as spring suits are on the way out in the middle of summer. furniture is good to buy in july as retailers are making space for new inventory. that's inspiration. we might have to take advantage of those things. the duke and duchess of cambridge headed for a weekend in southern california. they are coming this morning. they have been in canada for nine days. but the royal couple due to touch down this afternoon at the los angeles international airport where they will be greeted by governor jerry brown and his wife. the trip will not include visits to the traditional so cal tourist spots. instead they will focus on charity work including a game of polo for william near santa barbara. it is 5:22. we know the bride is wearing white. but the real question is it one ply or two? how time and toilet paper can create the perfect wedding dress. coming up. i felt violated and i felt
5:22 am
like this was inappropriate. >> an airline passenger filing an unusual complaint. why she claims she was unfairly targeted when security pulled her aside. ,,,, i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out.
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i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. why she was singled out for a search of her hair. laura adiele (ah-dee-el-ee) an air traveler wants to know why she was singled out
5:25 am
for a search of her hair. laura had just gone through an advanced imaging search at seattle when she was pulled aside. she was wearing her hair up at the time when somebody told her they were going to have to search her hair by hand. now she is wondering if that search was racially motivated since her hair seemed to draw more attention from the tsa. >> there were many other females around me who were not black who were not having their hair searched who had curly -- i distinctly remember looking at a woman with her hair in a ponytail curly big hair thinking why shouldn't she being accosted, as well? >> a spokesman for the tsa says the agency has a policy that any head covering that might conceal weapons can be searched and that agents have to resolve those issues at the checkpoint. another tsa employee is under arrest this morning after stuffing an ipod down his pants. police in florida say the 30-
5:26 am
year-old would steal things from luggage he was screening. he would then sell the items online. police say in the last six months, he stole $50,000 worth of electronics. these women won't have any problems wiping their tears on their wedding day. that's because their dresses are made of toilet paper. looks good. the seventh annual toilet paper wedding dress contest was held thursday in boca raton florida. dresses are judged on beauty, creativity and originality. the grand prize winner susan brennan won $1,000 -- that's nice -- she won $1,000 which will go toward her wedding. she said her dress was made of four rolls of paper, tape and hot glue. the things people do with their time. amazing. 5:26. maria shriver moving on. her next big step and how she is still keeping arnold in the picture. plus, jaycee dugard speaking on tv for the first time. the terrifying account of her time with phillip garrido and
5:27 am
what it felt like to finally break free. five days after a fatal boat accident that left one man dead, two bay area men are heading home. but it hasn't been a happy homecoming. we have all the problems they failed along the way coming up. and a plane crashes into a hospital building. the witness accounts of the fiery explosion and the impact on patients. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. this is live pictures right now. this is in florida inside the space shuttle that is still scheduled to launch this morning at 8:26 our time. you can see the astronauts there wearing their orange launch and entry suits. everybody planning ongoing up in space today. but with the weather conditions, it's only a 30% go right now according to nasa's facebook page so we are going to keep you posted. but they are still planning on being ready to go up. it is friday, july 8. i'm anne makovec. frank mallicoat has the morning off. let check traffic and weather. kristy seifkin is in for lawrence this morning. >> weather looking good. calm this morning and by this afternoon, warming up nicely, hot weather in those inland spots going to hit 95 in
5:31 am
concord, oakland 70, san jose 85, san francisco 68. over to elizabeth with traffic. >> we have a rough start to the morning commute. if you are traveling through sunnyvale there is a traffic alert in effect. a jackknifed big rig southbound 101 before the lawrence expressway three lanes blocked. so traffic is squeezing by right now. we'll have more on your delays and detours coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. fishermen rescued in the gulf of california are starting to return home to the bay area this morning. anser hassan is in san jose reporting two survivors are expected to arrive there within the hour. boy, they have had a rough trip so far, anser. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. it's been a long past five days. we are live at san jose's greyhound bus station where lee ikegami and michael ng are supposed to return home two of the survivors part of the fatal accident that happened off the
5:32 am
coast of mexico five days ago. but it hasn't been an easy trip home. here's a picture of leslie lee. he is one of the confirmed fatalities of that accident. his two friends ikegami and ng, attempted to drive his truck back to the bay area only to have the truck break down at the us-mexican border. so they got on a greyhound bus right hand are expected home this morning in san jose. these three men were part of a fishing vacation off the coast of mexico. their boat capsized in a violent thunderstorm on sunday. all 27 passengers on board including the crew were tossed into the waters off the coast of mexico. several of the men returned to the bay area yesterday saying it was their will to survive that kept them going. >> right when i get up on top i look and there's the whole crew with brand-new life jackets on. and none of the passengers had anything. >> a lot of the life jackets
5:33 am
were up on the upper deck. and so you just dove out into the water hoping you could find an ice chest or anything to hang on to. >> reporter: some of the men haven't been so lucky. five days after that accident, several men are still missing. now, as for ikegami and ng, they are expected to return home on a 6:20 a.m. bus here at san jose greyhound bus station. we hope to have their homecoming four live coming up later on -- for you live coming up later on. >> they are going to be emotionally and physically exhausted, what a journey. anser hassan in san jose, thank you. two people are dead after a small plane crashed into a hospital in watsonville. that fiery crash happened at about 7:0 last night at an -- 7:30 last night at a hospital office. it went down shortly after take- off from the watsonville community airport.
5:34 am
both people on the plane were killed. but no one on the ground was injured. >> plane crashed. everybody started texting everybody on facebook. >> it's kind of scary. everybody is just in shock to kind of find out this news and i don't know what's going to happen after this. >> the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a violent night in oakland. 10 people have been shot in a string of separate attacks. the shootings happened within about a 90-minute period at four different scenes. someone shot three people first on 89th avenue. less than an hour later someone shot three more people on 108th avenue. 15 minutes after that officers found three victims back on 89th street. finally, officers responded to another shooting with one victim on international boulevard. no word on if these shootings were connected or gang-related. we do now know the name of the man who bart officers shot and killed at the civic center station in san francisco on
5:35 am
sunday. 45-year-old charles hill. he has no known address according to officers. bart says unless the d.a.'s office objects, it is planning to release surveillance video of the confrontation once the investigation is complete. pg&e is admitting more mistakes in the wake of that deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. according to the "san jose mercury news" this morning, the utility has told state regulators that it misclassified several segments of pipe in california. in some cases, the mistakes led to gas pressure higher than federal safety standards allow. the "mercury news" reports that pg&e is now reducing pressure in more than 30 locations statewide and is reviewing other locations. the space shuttle atlantis scheduled to lift off at 8:26 pacific time from cape canaveral, florida. it is going to be the 135th and final launch for nasa's shuttle
5:36 am
program. but the weather in the sunshine state not cooperating. nasa will have to decide soon whether or not to postpone the big event. the hatch is expected to close at 6:20 our time. we'll let you know as soon as a decision is made on the launch. traffic and weather now. here's kristy seifkin in for lawrence. >> good morning to you, anne and good morning to all of you. it's going to be a gorgeous day outside today. another sunny day around the bay area and hot in those inland spots. outside right now, you can see we're clear for the most part inland location. around the bayshore seeing a little bit of fog and at the coast seeing some fog but that should clear out for the most part by this afternoon and you can get some sun breaks at the coastline. temperatures right now outside pretty mild. 53 in san francisco, 55 san rafael, 52 up in santa rosa. fairfield sitting at 60. 57 for fremont and livermore. warming up nicely by this afternoon, 95 the high in concord, 96 for livermore, 8 it high in fremont, 64 pacifica cooler there and 84 high in san
5:37 am
rafael. we'll have a full look at your extended forecast in a bit. first let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. i have much better news. i just got off the phone with greg our photographer who is live at the scene. and he says just within the last minute or so, they re- opened all lanes of southbound 101. we had a traffic alert approaching lawrence expressway in sunnyvale so apparently all lanes open now. the tow crews were out there and cleared the big rig off to the shoulder. so there is still some activity approaching lawrence expressway but all the main lines of the freeway -- and it as you understand like the lawrence expressway on-ramp is also re- opened, which was shut down for a while. so again, much better news and in any event, our sensors have pretty much turned back to normal back to green showing speeds over 40 miles an hour. anne, back to you. >> thank you. 5:38 now. i have been waiting for this report all morning. we are finally hearing from jaycee dugard for the first time. she gave a tv interview in advance of a book that's going
5:38 am
to hit store shelves next week. elizabeth cook has early details from her memoir. reporter: >> you just do what you have to do to survive. >> reporter: this is the first time we are hearing the voice of jaycee dugard. here she tells abc about the birth of her first child when she was just 14. >> i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. >> reporter: she is now 31 years old getting ready for her tell-all book to go on sale next week. photos of her on resemble the picture of her at 11. the age when she was kidnapped from her south lake tahoe home. she describes how she was taken while walking to the school bus stop. the garridos used a stun gun it paralyze her then bundled her into their car throwing a blanket over her. when they got to the house near antioch, she remembers being handcuffed and forced too take a shower with phillip garrido. the rape started a week later. she says phillip would get high
5:39 am
on drugs before he indulged in his fantasies. he even videotaped it. she writes, she can't understand why another human being would do what he did. she says the moment she revealed to police her real name it was like breaking an evil spell. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> fascinating. i can't wait to hear more about that. it's just a story that has captured the attention of the nation. in her grand jury testimony and in her book, dugard said one of the reasons that she stayed with garrido was because she wanted to make sure her two daughters were safe with her and she was afraid of the outside world frankly at that point. a stolen life is going on sale next week. the volunteer effort to find missing nursing student michelle le resumes next friday and saturday according to her family. today they are having a phraser to pay for their search efforts. it's going on at the sizzler's restaurant on hesperion in hayward between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. 20% of proceeds from that restaurant will go to the le
5:40 am
family if the diners mention the michelle le case. a texas man died last night after he caught a baseball during a game between the rangers and the as. in a second inning, the fan who is a rangers fan shannon stone was trying to catch a ball tossed to him by a texas outfielder after a foul ball by oakland's conor jackson. stone leaned over and caught that ball and then fell over the railing plunging 20 feet to the concrete below and later died from his injuries. the hall of fame manager who led oakland to its first two world series championships has died. dick williams managed the as from 1971 to '73 winning the world series in his final two seasons in oakland. williams died yesterday of a ruptured aortic aneurysm in a southern nevada hospital. he played in the major leagues for 1 years before managing the as and five other big league teams. dick williams was 82.
5:41 am
5:41. it is a scathing attack on san francisco's new subway project. the concern that it could be a nightmare for commuters. plus, deal or no deal? after an all-day meeting, see if congress is any closer to breaking the debt standoff. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:42 am
5:43 am
should be a gorgeous start to the weekend around the bay area. one more weekend before we see significant changes in the forecast. out the door this morning clear inland, around the bay patchy fog. fog and low clouds at the coast. temperatures right now sitting in the 50s and 60s. by this afternoon, warm up nicely another hot day inland. mid-90s. around the bay low 70s plenty of sunshine. cloud cover and sunshine at the
5:44 am
coast in the low 60s in those locations. high pressure holding strong bringing us warm weather. but we'll see a change. this area of low pressure is going to drop down over the weekend and bring us a whole week full of cool weather. that marine layer building, as well. so cool conditions starting tomorrow. get outside today and enjoy those warm temperatures that look like this. 79 for mountain view, 87 in cupertino, 83 in los altos, 82 a high in fremont today and 80 for union city. cooler at the shore, 71 in alameda, 70 for oakland, 94 san ramon and 96 in brentwood. 9 fairfield and 83 a high in benicia. nice warm weather today. then cooling down saturday and sunday, dropping down even more in temperature for your workweek. you will see by midweek next week we are only going to sit in the mid-70s in the warmest locations. over the next few days, 80s and
5:45 am
90s in the warmest spots. elizabeth has traffic. >> reporter: thank you. we have much better news as i mentioned in my last traffic report. all lanes once again re-opened in the last 10 minutes or so in sunnyvale, southbound 101 approaching lawrence expressway. there was a jackknifed big rig, okay, all right, we are going to try to bring you some pictures from the scene here coming up. but in the meantime we can tell you there is some activity that is still off to the shoulder. but again they were able to re- open this without there ever being any huge backups. there's a little bit of slowing on our sensors but that's just because there is a rig out there and a tow crew and all that stuff just some looky-loo traffic there causing a little bit of slowing there approaching the scene. but again, much better news and traffic alert is now gone. friday light really across the bay area. that's the good news about friday and it being this early as you can avoid big backups when something like that happens. in fact here's a live look at milpitas, westbound 237 traffic so far, so good. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's really light here.
5:46 am
no sign of metering lights. no delay all the way across the upper deck and some lower deck roadwork should be wrapping up shortly. we have a movie shoot going on in san francisco. towards the embarcadero, northbound closed between howard and washington until 6 a.m. so use fremont as your alternate. fog another big issue this morning as well. check out this live camera of the golden gate bridge where everything is free-flowing this morning. but i thought i would throw this out. i thought this camera was pretty at the top of the morning. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. here's a check on today's top stories. two of the survivors of the fishing boat that sank in the gulf of california are riding the bus home as we speak. they are expected to arrive shortly in san jose. we have a crew on scene to get that return. four others came home to novato
5:47 am
yesterday. authorities in florida now say casey anthony will be freed from jail on july 17th. this follows a recalculation of time served after a judge sentenced anthony for lying to police about the death of her daughter. that's a week from sunday. today prosecutors in paris opened a preliminary investigation into the behavior of dominique strauss-kahn the former imf chief. a french writer accuses him of trying to rape her in 2003. the oakland police officers union voted overwhelmingly to give up 9% of their pensions in exchange for keeping their jobs. the deal guarantees there will be no layoffs for at least four years. no furloughs. and 22 laid off officers will be rehired. the agreement will save the city $65 million. despite the sacrifice, though, the department will have to eliminate its motorcycle division effective tomorrow. a civil grand jury report says a san francisco subway project needs to be redesigned.
5:48 am
the muni transit system's central subway is supposed to be up and running by 2019 but the report calls the current design inefficient. it also suggests the $1.6 billion price tag is just too much and predicts there will be delays and cost overruns based on the history of muni projects. just in time from the labor department the latest jobs report for the united states, just came. unemployment rose to 9.2% from 9.1% in may. there were only 18,000 new jobs created last month the fewest in nine months and the gains were all in the private sector. 39,000 government jobs were lost last month. president obama and republicans say democrats are still far apart on how to reduce the deficit. button couraging news is that more talks are planned for this week -- but the encouraging news is that more talks are planned for this weekend. they met yesterday for about an
5:49 am
hour and a half. there is an august 2 deadline for a budget deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling. >> raising taxes are not going to get any votes on our side at this point. >> do not consider social security a piggy bank for giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people in our country. >> the president pushing for a deficit reduction plan that would require spending reductions from medicare and social security. if a deal isn't reached by the deadline, the u.s. could default on its loans for the first time in history. time now is about 10 minutes shy of 6:00. and maria shriver's pricy new digs. the new move keeping her close to arnold. >> plus, counting down to william and kate's big arrive here in california. the royal welcome for the royal couple and a look at their schedule. we'll be right back. is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth.
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caught their art thief. they arrested mark lugo of new jersey yesterday. he's accused san francisco police say they caught their art thief. there he is. they arrested mark lugo of new jersey yesterday accused of steal a picasso from a union square art gallery. surveillance video helped identify him. lugo has worked at high-end restaurants in new york city. the picasso sketch was recovered. it had been packed and was ready for shipping when san francisco police found lugo visiting friends in napa. he this afternoon the duke and duchess of cambridge will arrive in los angeles welcomed by governor jerry brown. prince william and lady kate have spent nine days in canada. melissa mccarthy tells us preparations for their l.a. visit had been continuing up to the last minute. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge wrapped up their canadian tour in calgary
5:53 am
for a true cowboy's well could the jet will land tomorrow at l.a.x. at 3: 40 afternoon. an author, andrew morton, says the couple will mix fundraisers and hollywood's top talent pool. >> it's the first time catherine has been in america and she is excited about. william has only been here a couple of times. they have meetings apparently with tom hanks, jennifer lopez, marc anthony. >> reporter: the couple's first stop will be the beverly hilton in beverly hills where employees have been feverishly gearing up for the evening events supports order is by "variety." that appearance will support business relationships between a and the uk. >> this is a chance for the royal family to pass the hat around because let's face it, hollywood is the charity bread basket where they can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly for their favorite charities. >> reporter: their first night in town will be spent mingling with high-profile civic leaders
5:54 am
and philanthropists during a reception at the british consul general's residence in hancock park. >> the governor will be here, the mayor of los angeles will be here. there will be a mixture of people who represent the business life of california. >> reporter: in santa barbara, organizers are finishing up touches to saturday's charity polo match one the prince will participate in. a whirlwind trip with the spotlight on royalty. >> that was melissa mccarthy reporting. the royal couple foregoing trips to the beach or to disneyland. they are instead focusing on charitable work as you hard and promoting british interests. last week she filed for divorce and now there is a report maria shriver is in the process of buying a $10 million home in southern california. sounds like a humble abode, right? sources tell tmz the house is in brentwood, not far from where o.j. simpson used to live. it's also close to the home she lived in with arnold schwarzenegger. convenience may be a consideration given that she is
5:55 am
seeking shared custody of their two minor children. five minutes now before 6:00. traffic and weather, kristy, everyone is looking forward to the weekend. >> yes. and it's going to be a little cooler this weekend than it has been. nice weather though still for today warm inland sitting in the mid-90s. you can see in our extended forecast, 70s at the bay, 60s at the coast. still a beach day with some sun breaks. then we start to cool down significantly a little bit over the weekend and you will see by the time we hit midweek by next week mid-70s in the warmest location so 20-degree drop in temperature. get outside today and enjoy the warm weather. over to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> thanks, kristy. well, check out this video just coming into our newsroom. this was the scene taken about 10 minutes ago. you can see that big rig now off to the shoulder. this was an earlier traffic alert. southbound 101 right there as you approach the lawrence expressway. for a while it was blocking three lanes. traffic was beginning to just stack up a little bit. they were having to squeeze by in the far left lane but as you
5:56 am
can see within the last half hour they have all lanes re- opened. now just seeing some minor looky-loo traffic there approaching the scene. but yeah, could have been a whole lot worse if they didn't get that cleared as quickly as they did. >> certainly. thanks, elizabeth. coming up, it is 4 minutes before 6:00. in the next half hour, more shocking admissions from pg&e disturbing really. the mistake it made with pipelines around the state. plus, a plane nose dives into a hospital building. how witnesses describe the fiery crash. i'm anser hassan live in san jose where we are waiting the return of two bay area survivors from sunday's fatal boat accident. the problems they face on their long journey home straight ahead. >> and check out these live pictures inside the shuttle atlantis scheduled to blast off in just a few hours. but the big question is the weather going to hold up? we'll have a live report from moffett field on this historic launch.
5:57 am
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ogram. how weath your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. counting down to the final launch of the space shuttle program. these are live pictures inside the space shuttle atlantis. we are going to talk about how weather could scrub the plans. we are waiting for an official announcement from nasa this morning. so far as you can see, they are suited up still planning to go. one minute now before 6:00. good morning. it is friday, july 8. i'm anne makovec. frank mallicoat has the morning off. it's getting a little cooler around the bay area. time for a quick look at traffic and weather. kristy seifkin is in for lawrence karnow this morning. kristy, how's it looking this morning. it's looking good outside, pretty mild as you start your day and it's going to warm up nicely. similar temperatures tomorrow. maybe a few more

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